ICALEPCS Awards: Policy & Procedure

ICALEPCS LAA, ICALEPCS EARLY CAREER AWARD, ICALEPCS Leadership in Mentoring AWARD policies & procedure

These prizes will be awarded without restrictions on nationality, race, gender or religion.


  1. The ICALEPCS Executive Committee (IEC) will be responsible for ensuring that potential candidate names are solicited for consideration. This will be done by an email to all members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC). The information will direct nominators to make their nominations to a designated member of the ICALEPCS Executive Committee. A specific closing date for nominations will be included and will allow at least 14 weeks before the start of the conference.
  2. Candidates must be nominated by at least two members of the ICALEPCS community and appropriate documentation must be provided by the nominators. Appropriate documentation includes a letter of recommendation from the nominators providing justification for the award and a CV (to be kept confidential) of the candidate.
  3. The IEC will decide via a majority vote (50% or greater) of the IEC if any of the candidates "potentially" meet the requirements of "a career with significant highlights in the advancement of the field of Controls in large, experimental physics, facilities". If they find that one or more candidates meet the general qualifications then they will contact all members of the ISAC via email to vote on the potential candidates. The information, or notice that there are no candidates, should be sent to all members of the ISAC within 2 weeks of the closing date (12 weeks before the conference). The IEC will provide a summary of the letter-of-recommendation and CV, and include only this summary and information on the voting procedure in the email to the ISAC members.
  4. ISAC members will be instructed to email their vote, possibly on more than one candidate, to a specific member of the IEC, by a date no later than 6 weeks after the closing date (8 weeks before the conference). The members of ISAC will be instructed to vote either "for", "against", or "abstain" on each nomination. The IEC will examine the results of the vote and determine the successful candidates. To be successful they must receive at least 15 votes in their favour and of the votes cast on their candidacy there must have at least 60% of the votes cast in their favour ("for").
  5. The IEC will notify the chairperson of the ICALEPCS regarding the outcome of the nominations and the outcome of the vote, if there is one, within 7 weeks of the closure date (7 weeks before the conference).
  6. If there is one or more successful candidates, the ICALEPCS Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will arrange for an appropriate plaque or framed document, at their expense, to be given to each successful candidate.
  7. If there is one or more successful candidates, the award(s) will be presented by the ICALEPCS chairperson during the conference at a time that the LOC schedules.
  8. The LOC will contact successful candidates to notify them in advance of the conference.
  9. Sponsoring and related societies will be notified of the award by the LOC so that an appropriate announcement of the award is made.
last update: 2009.07.17